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Trade explanation



Dear traders,



I will continue with some positive examples because we can learn more from them, but also if will be negative example and it trading plan was not good we can also learn from them too. Today I like to show one really nice risk reward trade and that is WYNN. All results you can find on my site under performance. I think that most important measure for success is reward, at least which is very important for my style. I won’t say that any other style is bad, but for me it is very important. If you will count my results you will see that reward is important for me and trade like WYNN can really increase monthly profit. We took WYNN last year 12/30/2013 at 191.40 what you can see on the entry chart. Triangle and nice consolidation what I found on the 60 min chart was reason for trading plan and stop was at $190.90 what was stop under 60 min consolidation. Bigger time frames suggest that WYNN could see $200 area and that was target. On the exit chart we can see that WYNN saw target and we closed 01/02/2014 at $199.70. It is important to understand that WYNN reward was over 16 and that mean WYNN will cover over 16 negative trades if we trade with proper risk management, or it will bring us profit and that is way to be successful trader. On that way I can have more negative than positive trades and again have positive month. Of course that is hard to have always that good reward trade but trades like CZR or yesterday BMY or PVH will give us good reserves for confidence. I hope all this make sense to you

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Entry chart



Exit chart



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