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Trade explanation


Real trade example – VMC


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  symbol       entry date      entry stop   exit price     exit date     % result     $ result    risk/reward
VMC  02/16/16      93.50       92.90     96.45  02/17/16 3.16 2.95 4.92


Example with 20k account:

Risk: 0.5% per trade (something what is up to trader and this is only example)

$ risk: $100

reward:  $492 

Profit: $492 minus broker provision



VMC was day trade trading plan with swing possibility. I still think that have more upside room but because of market moment we decide to take profit earlier what again result with great reward (around 5) what means that VMC gave us little less  five times bigger reward then risk

 If you like to see more great examples please take a look on this link:


Just click on symbol and you will get entry price and with exit price you can see why reward measure is very important for me. If anyone will have any question I will be happy to help and if anyone likes to learn more about that you can join us in to mentoring program and you can read more about that here:



Entry chart




Exit chart




This is real example what we used this month. I think that is great education example. If you have any questions just hit reply. I answer all questions personally and I look forward to hearing from you.


Ivica Juracich




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