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Trading Results for May 2021


-NOTE: click on the symbol and you will see the entry chart 

 Note: The open-closed table is provided for informational purposes only.  When partials are taken, I will provide that information in the table.  It is assumed that 50% percent of the position is taken off. It should be noted that figure varies by the individual on how much to take or none at all. Personally I don’t take partials in my account.  I use this formula to provide “average results” in the table. Once again assuming 50% of the trade is taken off, then if the remainder of the trade reaches its target price the net effect is 75% of the position will reach target. If trade is closed at the trailing stop after partials then it will be 50% profit. It is impossible to show the exact result because we are all trade our accounts differently with different entry prices and changing the stop as the trade matures. That is why the figures  in the open-closed table are for informational purposes only and provide only “average results”. 

 Each trader enters and exits a trade differently. Personally, I rarely enter a trade immediately when it reaches entry level. I like to wait for a few trades for confirmation. Some traders enter immediately and its the same when exiting.  I hope this explains how the information is used to note the information in the open-closed table.

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